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No one likes it when you call for service and they slap you with an unexpected large bill at the end. At Appliance Science, our technicians will diagnose your issue and present you with a price up front, before the work is performed. That means no pricing surprises for you! The price you’re given doesn’t change no matter how long the job takes or if it requires additional trips to your home.

Most problems have more than just one solution. Our technicians don’t just decide for you and then present a bill. We present you with multiple solutions to any job and YOU DECIDE what the best course of action will be. Customer options mean that you will never be “sold” or pressured into work you don’t want- our customers get to decide what works best for them!

Appliance Science will provide a trained and uniformed technician in a well marked truck with a business card including his information and proper name identification and our company logo on his shirt. All of our technicians have been Nationally Certified and hold an EPA license, unlike our competition.

Our technicians have all been checked for criminal history, are randomly drug screened, DMV driving record checked, and have received expert training. Our technicians use drop cloths to protect your floors, wear booties to save your home from mud and dirt from their boots and never park in your grass. Courtesy comes standard!

Appliance Science warranties ALL of our work and offers extra long warranty upgrades on almost all of our services for those of you who want even more peace of mind. Our warranties include our “Can’t Write A Check” Guarantee for rock solid satisfaction every time.

Unexpected expenses are never fun, we understand that when issues arise, you may not have cash on hand to take care of it. That’s why Appliance Science offer financing options on large repairs. We offer the comfort of lower monthly payments instead of an unplanned expense. Approval takes about 60 seconds and can be done while the technician is on the job with a secure connection and with transaction safety guaranteed. You don’t need to have “perfect” credit to finance your work with us!


12 Months Deferred Interest & NO Payments

9.99 APR for 84 Months

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