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Rick Simmons

Rick Simmons


Get To Know…

Name: Rick Simmons

Position: Technician

Spouse: Candace

Kids: Boy and a Girl, Isaiah & Jayden

Pets: Fish, if that counts... too many

Burning Desire in Life: To be successful so that my family are all set up with no worries.  Then I want to blow 10K on an entry fee to the World Poker Tournament in Vegas, and immediately afterwards, begin a one-year long vacation in Barbados.

Key to Success: Family support, sleep, and a man cave with all the bells and whistles for peace of mind and downtime.  

Most Interesting Thing About Me: I got fired from my first two jobs when I was 13 for lying about my age, because I wanted to work so bad.  I also hit a dog that ran across the highway on my first driving trip in Driver's Ed back in high school. 

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