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Appliance Science

Rae Rodgers

Rae Rodgers

Office Manager

Get To Know…

Name: Raechelle Rodgers

Position: Office Manager

Spouse: Yes, Chris. 

Kids: 4, Cheyenne, Jathan, Jewlia, Sinjin

Pets: A cat named Onyx

Burning Desire in Life: Travel—Ireland, England, and see the Cathedrals of Europe and Greece, but before I do, I want to see all of the wonders of this beautiful country.

Key to Success: There are things I strive for… always put my husband and children first, make time with friends and family a priority, give 100% of myself to whatever I am doing, always strive for excellence, not because I seek praise, but because it is what I was made to do.  I also strive to always be real and love without condition.

Most Interesting Thing About You: I am the oldest of 24 siblings, I am a certified archaeologist, I was part of an all-female civil war cannon crew, and I am certified by TCU to load and fire civil war era cannons.

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