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Dave Sodano

Dave Sodano


Get To Know…

Name: Dave Sodano

Position: Owner

Spouse: Michele

Kids: Stephen and MacKenzie

Pets: One small dog, Gracie, a cockapoo.

Burning Desire in Life: To be a great husband to my wife, father to my children, and a blessing to others

Key to Success: Growth…always looking for continued growth personally, spiritually, and professionally.  Have good people around me who truly care about myself and family.  Follow God’s lead and not walk ahead.

Most Interesting Thing About You: I am proud of my marriage and the character of my children.  My passion is the Outreach Farm.  I love serving God in this way.  The best days of my life are when I am closest to Him.   I am the happiest I have ever been in my life right now and am at peace.  My greatest accomplishment is having peace.

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