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Wine Cooler & Beverage Station Repair

Everyone loves wine. Some prefer red wine, some prefer white, and all wine is served differently. Usually, red wines are served at or near room temperature, while most white wines are served chilled. To help keep their wine at the perfect temperature to ensure it the best taste, many people have invested in under the counter wine coolers or beverage stations that keep the bottles at the perfect temperature and humidity level to ensure that each wine tastes perfect when served.

Some high-end wine coolers even have dual temperature zones, so the red and the white are always perfect and ready to serve. But everyone knows the party stops when the wine cooler is broken! Wine coolers, whether they’re single zone or dual zone temperature coolers, need maintenance and repair, just like any other appliance. Some of the problems you may experience with your wine cooler include:

  • The wine cooler won’t cool.
  • The wine cooler is leaking.
  • The wine cooler door won’t close.
  • The wine cooler won’t turn on.
  • The temperatures are incorrect, or fluctuate despite the settings.
  • The wine cooler has moisture forming on the inside, or around the door seals.
  • The wine cooler vibrates or hums all the time.
  • The light inside the wine cooler doesn’t come on or isn’t working properly.

If your wine cooler isn’t working, Appliance Science has you covered. We service all high-end wine refrigerator brands, that even includes under the counter wine cooler repair. We can handle simple fixes, and those that are more complicated, like compressor-based repairs. If your wine cooler isn’t working, give our knowledgeable customer service representatives a call to schedule an appointment with a member of our professional service staff today. We’ll help you have the wine chilled and the party reschedule in no time.

Appliance Science is an exclusive warranty repair vendor for these brands, servicing the Grand Strand
Marvel ALFCO
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SubZero Wolf
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