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The washing machine may be the most used appliance in your household, and when you have a broken washing machine, it can create chaos and leave you scrambling to find a way to clean your clothes and linens. Usually, that means either hand-washing everything or an expensive trip to the laundromat.

One way to ensure that you stay out of the laundromat is to watch the health of your washing machine. Watch and listen to the washing machine during operation to make sure there is nothing unusual happening. Here are some of the tell-tale signs that your washing machine might need service or repair:

  • Is your washing machine not spinning properly or are clothes still too wet after the spin cycle?
  • Do you have washer door problems, such as the door not latching or not closing completely?
  • Is your washing machine making noise? Unusual noises such as grinding or squealing are usually a sign that something is wrong?
  • Is the washer overflowing either from the machine itself or the water or drainage connections?
  • Is the washing machine not draining properly?
  • Does it sound like the washing machine is grinding?
  • Is the washing machine off-balance even though you’ve done everything you can to balance it and load laundry into the tub correctly?

If you’re experiencing any of these problems with your washing machine, don’t worry. Appliance Science has got you covered! Our professional service team is trained to provide service for top loading washers and we also provide front-loading machine repair. Our repairs can include the washing machine sensor, washing machine control repair, and washing machine control boards. Call our knowledgeable customer service professionals today to schedule an appointment for washing machine service repair. We’ll have you back to stacks of clean laundry in no time!

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