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The microwave. Hard to believe that it was just 1967 when the first commercially available microwaves were released. They’ve become such a part of kitchen culture, that most people can’t imagine cooking without them. A microwave heats coffee, cooks meals, makes popcorn, defrosts foods, or sometimes just warms water.

The convenience is great and it’s helped speed the time it takes to prepare a family meal. However, when the microwave is not working, it can be more an inconvenience than you might imagine. When that happens, it might as well be an oversized paperweight.  Can you recognize the signs that your microwave might need service or repair? Here’s a quick list of symptoms to look for:

  • The microwave isn’t heating, or isn’t heating properly or consistently.
  • There are sparks inside when you turn the microwave on, even when using microwave safe dishes.
  • The light works when the microwave is running, but doesn’t work when you open the microwave door.
  • The microwave buzzes loudly or makes other strange noises, but nothing happens.
  • The turntable inside the microwave isn’t turning, turns a little then stops, or doesn’t turn consistently.
  • The lights in the kitchen flicker or a breaker is tripped when the microwave is turned on.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems with your microwave, don’t try to fix them yourself. Do-it-yourself microwave repair is one of the leading causes of electrocution. Instead, let us make the repairs for you. Appliance Science has you covered! Our professional service team can repair your microwave door, the microwave door handle, the microwave magnetron, and we can even repair the microwave control board repair. If you prefer something new, we also offer new microwave installation. Give our knowledgeable customer service representatives a call today to schedule a microwave service or repair appointment.

Appliance Science is an exclusive warranty repair vendor for these brands, servicing the Grand Strand
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