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Freezer Repair

Freezer problems can leave you scrambling to find a way to keep your frozen items...well, frozen. Not only can incorrect freezer temperatures be dangerous, but they could also be a pain. Frozen foods kept at incorrect temperatures can spoil, and it’s no fun to have to load coolers full of ice to keep your frozen food from defrosting. One way to prevent problems is to keep an eye on the health of your freezer.

You might experience some specific freezer problems if the freezer is not working properly. Unusual noises and sounds are just one indicator that something might be going wrong. Here’s a whole list of potential indicators that your freezer might need service or repair:

  • Is your freezer not freezing?
  • Is your freezer making a clicking sound?
  • Is your freezer leaking water?
  • Does your freezer run all the time without shutting off?
  • Does your freezer door shut completely?
  • Is there condensation around the seal in your freezer door?
  • Is the freezer indicator light not on or does the indicator light blink on and off?

You might be tempted to try the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) route with freezer repair, but don’t give in to that temptation. The end result could be an appliance that doesn’t work properly and a much larger repair bill than is necessary.

If you experience any of the problems listed above, it could be an indication that your freezer needs serviced or repaired. Don’t sweat it! Appliance Science has you covered. Our team of service professionals are trained to service deep freezer problems, work on your stand alone freezer, and even service your refrigerator freezer. Give our knowledgeable customer service representatives a call today to schedule a service repair call. We’ll have your freezer back in top shape in no time.

Appliance Science is an exclusive warranty repair vendor for these brands, servicing the Grand Strand
Marvel ALFCO
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SubZero Wolf
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