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Are you having trouble with your dryer? Is the dryer not working right? Maybe it’s not heating, or your dryer vent needs cleaning? If that’s the case, you could be forced to hang your clothes outside, or even around the house to dry them. It’s frustrating, and the clothes take a lot longer to dry.  Don’t worry, Appliance Science has you covered!

These are some of the symptoms that might indicate that your dryer is in need of repair:

  • Bad dryer smell or odor. This could indicate there are burning wires, or even lint that’s collected up that’s being scorched by the heating element or tumbler in the dryer.
  • It needs dryer belt replacement. If the dryer tumbler doesn’t turn, then chances are, the dryer belt is broken and needs to be replaced.
  • The dryer computer board is not working. The computer board, especially in newer, digital dryers, controls everything. If it’s not working properly, your dryer won’t function the way that it should.
  • The dryer controls are not working. The control knobs determine cycles and temperature settings, and can be broken during moves or when turned with too much force.
  • The dryer is off balance. Several factors can cause your dryer to be off balance, but you’ll know it when it happens. The dryer will clunk, clang, and make loud noises.
  • There is dryer friction when the tumbler turns to dry the clothes. Friction, which can be caused when the dryer is off balance, can sound like a scraping or scratching sound as the tumbler revolves.
  • There is dryer grinding you turn it on, but the tumbler doesn’t move or moves very slowly. Anything that makes the dryer sound like it’s grinding metal against metal indicates there is a problem, and it can create dangerous conditions and the likelihood of fire.
  • The dryer is not heating. A control board or heating element might cause your dryer not heat, making it nearly impossible to get clothes dry, no matter how many cycles you run.

Here at Appliance Science, we can perform front-loading dryer repair, top-loading dryer repair, or we can provide new dryer installation. If you’ve experienced any of these  or other problems with your dryer, call one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives today to schedule a dryer repair service appointment.

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