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Annual Appliance Inspections

An annual inspection of your appliances and their function can prevent unneeded repairs during peak times by identifying existing issues in order to remedy those issues prior to failure of the unit or any function of the unit. Proactive care minimizes after hours emergency charges by identifying items that were previously non-emergency and by fixing them during non-peak times to avoid night and weekend labor rates.

Appliance Inspection Details

  • Range and Ovens - We check all ranges and ovens to ensure that burners and elements are heating to correct temperatures and that the controls for those units are operational and functioning optimally. Likewise, we check to be sure that necessary “tip-brackets” are in place on all ranges as required.
  • Microwaves- We test the control features of the unit such as defrost, heating, lights, etc. If the unit is equipped with an exhaust then we also test to exhaust and the fan speed for the proper air movement. Additionally, we check any turntables or interior mechanisms to rotate the product as it heats to ensure even cooking.
  • Refrigerators- Review of interior settings and temperatures are checked. Seals around doors are inspected for leaks and energy efficiency. Ice-makers are checked for cycles and, likewise, filters are checked for age and saturation against their normal life spans. Broken accessories or non-functioning ice and water dispensers will be reported according to their condition. Ice maker lines behind refrigerators will be checked as access allows.
  • Washers- For each washer we run the different cycles and ensure that each cycle progresses as it should. We evaluate the integrity of all supply lines and drain lines and check their connections for leaks.
  • Dryers- Dryers are checked for heat and cycle progression. Additionally, dryer vents are considered for both their age and condition. Any blockage or restriction of proper air release is noted.
  • Ice Makers- (under-counter/freestanding)- Checked for ice production and temperature. Any supply lines and fittings will be checked for leaks or excessive corrosion.

Appliance inspections do have some limitations:

  • We do a thorough visual inspection, which is not technically exhaustive. An inspection is meant to report the findings at the time of inspection and to identify the issues but not to diagnose their causes or repair any findings.  Inspections are not a guarantee or warranty of any kind.  Supply lines, which are hidden or obstructed, cannot be inspected (behind fridges, etc.).
  • We do not disassemble any items for inspection and cannot inspect items posing a safety risk to a technician. Necessary repairs for any appliance failures would be estimated at the time of repair and only work can only be performed when approved by the homeowner.
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