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6 Things Your Appliance Salesperson Doesn't Tell You  

gerry Voorhees - Thursday, January 25, 2018

Your appliance salesperson is interested in making a sale to you, because more often than not, they work on commission. So, any sales they make means money in their pocket. However, they don’t always give you all the information you need to make a purchase. There are several ways for you to keep some of that money in your own pocket.

They Can Sell Below the Advertised Price

If you are looking at any type of new appliances, whether in person or online, most of the advertised prices are the same. That is because the manufacturer dictates the minimum price that a store can advertise. But, they can actually sell the item for a lower price. If you are in a store, approach a salesperson to help you and ask for a discounted price for perhaps a dented item or if they give a cash discount or offer free delivery. These things can really save you some money.

Appliance Purchase Timing

You can save a considerable amount of money by timing your purchase in advance. In a store, September, October and January are the best months to purchase appliances. This is when they are getting next year’s new models and they want to get rid of the old models. At the end of any given month, a store is trying to increase their bottom line.

The best time to make a purchase online is in November, on Thursdays (when retailers reduce prices most often), the fourth or fifth day of the month when buyers have their paycheck money and at 3 p.m... These times were all shown to have the best pricing online.

Walk Away Online

Many times if you add an appliance to your shopping cart when shopping online, you can leave the item and don’t check out. More often than not, you will get a discount offered to you through your email for great savings.

Snoop Around

Many appliance stores have additional sales tags tucked behind the one that is displayed in the front for the day you are shopping. You can look at the tags behind the present one in front and discover that that particular item will be at a reduced price in the next week or so, and come back at that time.

Haggle Over the Price

You can find deep discounts by asking salespeople, store managers and even cashiers if they can lower the price of an item. According to Consumer Reports, people who do this save an average of $200.

Buy Off Season

If you make an off-season purchase, such as a gas grill in the winter, you can really gain great savings on the same product that may be twice as expensive in the summer when it is in demand.

Color Considerations

Stainless steel is the most exciting color of appliances, but it is also the most expensive and it shows all fingerprints on it. Consider just going with white appliances, as you will get the best price on these.

Investigate Online Reviews

Your appliance salesperson won’t tell you to look at online reviews on a product. This is where you can find out if a product is really worth the money, or if it has flaws that mean you need a lot of service calls.

Using these tips can help you to decide on a product that is best for you while saving you money. You can contact us for any questions on purchases, services needed or for a product evaluation from a service point of view where we have a formula for your fix. For your convenience, we also offer new appliance installation, so you can start using your new purchase right away.

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