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Storing Wine: Choosing A Cooler for Your Wine Collection

gerry Voorhees - Thursday, January 05, 2017

Wine CoolerWhether you're new to the world of wine or have an impressive collection started, there are a few key things to consider when choosing a storage cooler for your wine collection.

- Size of your wine collection - The number of bottles in your collection and the length of time you'll be storing them, along with wines you intend to add to your collection will help you decide the total size and space requirements you'll need.

- Number of zones needed - Different wines are best enjoyed at different temperatures. For example, whites are usually preferred at colder temperatures than reds. If you have wines in your collection with different temperature needs during storage, you will need a cooler system that accommodates different temperature zones. Coolers commonly have between one to three zones.

- Space available for your cooler - You'll also want to consider how much space you have available for your wine storage cooler. Wine storage coolers typically come in three main styles: built-in, under counter, and free standing. The type of space you have available and how much of it are important to consider before you purchase a unit only to find that it doesn't fit!

Once you have your answers to these key questions, you can start narrowing down your choices! Of course, any wine storage cooler you choose should follow the basic guidelines for optimal wine storage. Any glass or doors should protect against UV light and sunlight, in general. Wines should be stored on their side, especially if they have a cork, to prevent oxidation. The cooler should operate smoothly with no vibrations, however subtle - even slight vibrations can impact the quality of your wine.

Armed with your list of features needed to properly store your wine collection, you're ready to begin investigating and narrowing down your choices to find just the right storage cooler for you. We recommend starting with the top-rated brands EdgeStar, Danby, SubZero, Koldfront and Whynter to begin your search. Of course, Appliance Science is available to answer your questions and provide real-world feedback on the maintenance and upkeep of any brand and model you're considering. At Appliance Science, we have a formula for your fix!

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