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Smart Appliances: What Can They Do For You?

gerry Voorhees - Friday, May 05, 2017

smart appliances | Appliance repair Myrtle BeachSmart appliances seem to be all over the news and newsfeeds lately. You may have wondered what is so "smart" about smart appliances that has techie types unusually excited about washers and dryers and your teenage daughter reporting that your fridge is "SO basic"! Never fear! Appliance Science is here with smart appliance news you can use!

Smart Stoves/Ranges: Imagine a world where you can turn your oven on to preheat while waiting in line at the take & bake pizza shop. That world is already here! Smart stoves allow you to turn your oven on or off, check that you haven't left any burners turned on during your morning rush, receive a notification when your casserole is baked to perfection, or check how much more cooking time your pot roast dinner needs all from your smart phone. Brands to check out: LG and Samsung.

Smart Dishwashers: Features like delayed start and pre-loaded automatic detergent dispensers don't sound newsworthy at first--until you discover you can precisely time that delayed start with your smart phone without getting out of bed and the dishwasher can automatically order more detergent for itself online when it gets low. You can also start it remotely from anywhere and receive confirmation when the cycle is complete. Brand to check out: Whirlpool.

Smart Washers and Dryers: Laundry doesn't have to be your least favorite chore! Smart washers and dryers tell you when your load is done, allow you to start a wash load remotely or even turn on your dryer's anti-wrinkle cycle right from your phone. You can also download new cycle programs and set them to sense energy demand and run loads when energy demand is low to save you money on your utility bill. Brands to check out: Whirlpool and LG.

Smart Refrigerators: We've saved the best for last--smart refrigerators! The kitchen is the hub of family life in most households, so it only makes sense that one of the smartest of smart appliances on the market today is the humble fridge. Large touchscreen displays have replaced the family message board and voice controls allow you to have a conversation with your icebox. Your smart fridge can sync with calendar apps to keep track of each family member's important events, search for recipes based on your food inventory and read them to you while you cook, remind you when your favorite foods are on sale or have a coupon available and even let you know when an expiration date is approaching. At the grocery store and need to see if you have any eggs left? No problem! A camera inside the fridge allows you to take a look from your phone and can even track your grocery list for you to view while in the store. If you can dream it, smart fridges probably do it--or will be able to within a few years time. Brands to check out: Samsung and LG.

What can smart appliances do for you? A lot more than you probably guessed--and they'll be able to do even more in the years to come. Don't worry! We'll keep you updated on the latest innovations. At Appliance Science, we have a formula for your fix!

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