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Show Your Refrigerator Some Love: Tips for Keeping it Well-Maintained

gerry Voorhees - Thursday, February 23, 2017

iStock 000009480239Small revisedWhen you think about all the things in your home that need a little tender loving care from time to time to keep them looking or performing their best, your refrigerator may not be on your mind as much as great-granny's antique side-table - but it should be. Showing your fridge some love at least twice a year can keep it running efficiently and increase its lifespan.

Common Sense Precaution: Before you perform any cleaning or maintenance on coils, fans, condensers, or other mechanical parts of your unit, reach on over and unplug your fridge first for safety.

Tip 1: Use your hand-held vacuum extender with the brush attachment to gently brush away dust and debris from your condenser coils and condenser fan. These are typically located on the back or bottom of your unit. Some built-ins have these components on the top. If you are unable to safely access the coils and fan for cleaning, please call in a professional for help!

Tip 2: Check and clean any vents, drains and drip pans. Your freezer may have a venting component to help circulate the air and keep temperature stable. Make sure the vents are clear of debris and are clean. Many units also have a drain and drip pan for keeping condensation away from sensitive electrical components. Make sure the drain is clean and not blocked and also remove and clean the drip pan.

Tip 3: Clean the inside too! Pay particular attention to cleaning the door gasket and door seals with warm soapy water to remove debris. As you clean, check the door seals for cracks or damage that may require repair.

Tip 4: Set yourself up for maximum energy savings by checking the temperature settings for the refrigerator and freezer. The best efficiency is usually achieved by using the middle setting on most models.

Reminder: When you are done with your maintenance, remember to plug the unit in again!

Showing your refrigerator some love doesn't have to be a time-consuming affair. A little bit of simple maintenance helps ensure your fridge stays with you long-term. And if you are ever in doubt, give Appliance Science a shout! We've always got a formula for your fix!

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