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3 Facts About Resetting Your Washing Machine

Gerry Vorhees - Thursday, April 12, 2018

Washing machines have increasingly become essential devices for every home. You can’t avoid using washing machines unless you want to wash your clothes by hand which is time-consuming. With a washing machine, you simply insert your clothes and bedding into the machine, add a washing detergent and allow the device do the washing on your behalf. However, these devices are more exciting than most of us think. Here are some interesting facts about resetting your washing machine that you should know.

1. Some Washing Machines Don’t Have a Reset Button

Some of the washing machines lack a reset button which means that it’s challenging when it comes to resetting the device. If you want to reset such washing machines, then you will need to access its plug to reset it manually. You can achieve this by turning off the circuit breaker and leaving it for at least five minutes depending on the model of your washing machine.

If your washer has a button control, be sure to turn it clockwise to any rotation apart from the “final spin.” If you are using the button controls, choose any cycle apart from the “Spin cycle.” You should also confirm that water inlet to your washer is turned on.

2. Some Programmable Washing Machines Have a Reset Function

Although most of the programmable washing machines lack a reset function, some of them do have it. The reset function is meant to clear any involuntary delay start command and also resets your device controls when a program error occurs. However, the procedure of resetting such washing machines varies depending on the model.

Some models will require you to turn the button to reset while the power option is still off. Choose the preferred program and then hit the power knob to restart your device. If your machine has the cancel button, press it to clear the error.

3. Washing Machines Have Been Around Longer Than Most People Think

The pioneer washing machine was developed in 1760s, but it didn't resemble the device that we know today. However, this device was a simple metallic box that individuals filled with their clothes and moved it by hand. The modern devices featuring reset functions started to appear in 1909, and its initial design hasn't changed much.

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