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Dishwasher Giving You Problems? - How to Fix and Prevent Future Clogs

Gerry Vorhees - Thursday, April 26, 2018

If you were to stop and think about how much food and scraps actually gets rinsed down the drain or washed off in the dishwasher, it’s no wonder that our kitchen plumbing needs attention every once in a while. Whether you’re going the DIY route or are calling a trusted repair service, your first step will be to identify the problem.

Are you experiencing any of the following?:

  • Your dishwasher has a bad odor
  • Your dishwasher isn’t draining after wash cycles
  • Your dishwasher isn’t getting your dishes clean
  • Your dishwasher is leaking or flooding your kitchen

All of these can be signs that your dishwasher is not properly draining and this, most commonly, could be due to a clog. If you’re experiencing any of the above scenarios you can try few easy things to solve the problem yourself. First, open your dishwasher and look at the very bottom. Is there any standing water or food debris? If so, clear that out the best you can and run an empty dishwasher cycle. If the problem continues you’re probably to the point of needing a professional.

The best approach is a preventative one, here’s what the professionals recommend to preventing future clogs:

  • No food allowed - Rinse as much debris off your dishes as possible
  • White Vinegar - Periodically run an empty cycle with a small amount of vinegar
  • Hot water cycle - Using this can help to remove build up

A clog can be a messy fix, especially if you’re trying doing it yourself. There are numerous tools you could need and the access point to the drain system isn’t always easy or super apparent to the average tinkerer.

If you’re having dishwasher problems and the DIY approach hasn’t worked, give Appliance Science a call today, we’re experienced technicians and are ready to address your appliance problems right now. We are the leading industry experts in the South Carolina area. Don't suffer without a dishwasher, give us a call today to schedule your dishwasher service assessment.

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