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Be Thanksgiving Ready: 4 Reasons Your Oven Isn't Heating Evenly

gerry Voorhees - Friday, November 17, 2017

There's nothing worse than having oven problems during Thanksgiving holiday. You've put together a mouthwatering, Pinterest worthy menu only to realize your oven is not performing like it used to. Your cakes are flopping and your meat isn't cooked all the way through. Before you throw in the towel and buy a whole new oven, check out these four reasons your oven isn't heating evenly.

1. Bake or broil elements are burned out

All parts in the oven work together to create even heat and your perfect meal. The broil element kicks on first to quickly get the oven to the right temperature. If you've chosen to use moderate temperature, the bake element would then take over. When either of the elements are burned out, only the other will work to heat the oven. If only the broil element works, your food could be overcooked.

2. Left or right heating element is burned out

Besides the bake and broil elements, your oven has a left and right heating element. These two elements work together to produce enough heat to cook the food evenly. If the left element has burned out, you're relying solely on the right element to cook the food and vice versa. That makes for uneven heating and a much longer process.

3. Circulation fans are not working

Depending on your type of oven, it may be a problem with the fans. Convection ovens have fans that blow air for even heat circulation. It helps the food cook quickly and more evenly. If the fan is broken, of course this interferes with the oven heating evenly.

4. Problems with automatic settings

If all your elements are working and your fans are blowing strong, it could be they aren't performing on cue. If your control board doesn't engage all heating elements when the oven is set, they won't work together as programmed. When the thermal regulator isn't turning on one element when it should be, the oven won't heat evenly as designed.

Some oven problems are tricky to handle alone. It's best to have an affordable professional take a look. Don't let uneven cooking ruin your Thanksgiving feast. Get help from the pros at Appliance Science Repair. We're ready to help you have another memorable holiday. For more information on oven repair, give us a call or schedule services online . We have affordable payment options and a $20 coupon while it lasts. 

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