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3 Reasons Your Dishes Are Not Getting Clean in the Dishwasher

gerry Voorhees - Thursday, December 07, 2017
Dishwasher-not-cleanWhile most of us can wash the dishes by hand, a dishwasher comes to save us the trouble particularly when we’re busy. After loading and opening your dishwasher, you expect to see sparkling dishes but only end up disappointed. What could be the problem? We give you reasons your dishwasher is no longer as effective as it used to be;


Water Temperature Too Low

The temperature of the water that enters your dishwasher plays a significant role in the dishwasher cleaning process. Be sure to maintain the temperature of the water approximately 140°F. Check that the heating element is not broken. That way, all the materials on your dishes get broken down, and the germs washed away. 

Clogged & Obstructed Spray Arms

Hard water deposits and the small particles in the detergent are notorious for clogging the dishwasher spray arms. Most dishwasher models allow you to disconnect the spray jets and clean manually. Also, the dishwasher's efficacy may be affected if the Jets do not move freely. Inspect your unit for any pieces of cracked cutlery or accumulated dirt around the base and dislodge it.

Overloading & Improper Loading

You might be tempted to stuff all your dishes in the dishwasher at once to avoid loading twice. That will be your undoing as its efficiency at cleaning reduces. At all times, try to strike a balance. If you load your dishes in a way that they block each other, the chances are high they won't come into proper contact with water and the cleaning detergent. The failure of the machine to wash appropriately may get you thinking that your dishwasher is faulty.

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