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6 Things to Try Before Calling for Appliance Repair

gerry Voorhees - Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Wrench 000072044741 MediumDid you know that in about one-fourth of the time that homeowners call for appliance repair, the problems are simple fixes that the owner could have managed on their own? It’s true. Think about the early days of computer support. What was the very first question that a repair tech asked every person who called for support?  Give up?  “Is your machine plugged in?” That was usually followed by, “Is the power on?”

Some appliance repair issues can be just that simple. So before you call for appliance repair, give these easy fixes a shot. They’ll take almost no time, and they could save you an unnecessary repair bill.

Fix # 1 – Check the power source. Power fluctuations can wreak havoc on appliances. If your appliances stop working, especially after an electrical storm or a power surge, try unplugging it for 3-5 minutes to allow the lines to clear. Then plug the appliance back in to see if it will work again.

Fix # 2 – Check the fuses and circuits. A simple blown fuse or thrown circuit may not be immediately obvious. Check both, just to be sure that something’s not amiss.

Fix # 3 – Check water valves and drains. If your washing machine won’t fill, sometimes the water valve is full of debris. Unscrew the connection and check the valve. The same is true if the machine won’t drain. Check the drain connection, the drain hose, and the drain pipe.

Fix # 4 – Check settings. Dryers that won’t dry are often found to be set on the “fluff” setting. Refrigerators that won’t cool may have the temperature set too warm. Air conditioners that won’t shut off may be set to “fan” rather than “auto.” Check to be sure the setting you’re using is the correct one for the conditions.

Fix # 5 – Clean hoses, traps, and filters. Did you know that your dishwasher has a food trap?  It does.  And it needs to be cleaned. If it’s not, over time your dishes will come out of the wash cycle just as dirty as they went in. Dryers have lint traps and hoses that should be cleaned regularly to prevent overheating, and refrigerators have coils along the bottom or the back that should be regularly cleaned to maximize cooling capabilities. If one of your appliances isn’t performing at top efficiency, try giving it a good cleaning.

Fix # 6 – Hit the reset button. Lots of appliances now have reset buttons. Garbage disposals will overheat and automatically shut off. To get it going again, let it cool down completely and then press the reset button. The same may be true for any appliance that has a digital display. If there’s a reset button, just give it a little push.

While we love to see you and are honored to be your trusted appliance repair resource, we don't want you to have an unnecessary repair bill you could have avoided. So go ahead and check these simple fixes and if you have questions or your appliance still isn't working properly, give us a call! We're always here when you need us. At Appliance Science, we have a formula for your fix!

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